How we answered the brief

Snap Surveys’ client needed their existing multiple choice 2011 Customer Satisfaction Survey to be translated into French, German and Swedish.

In response Snap approached us, as they know we always provide an efficient, quality service and we are highly experienced in translating market research surveys. We were tasked with the responsibility of providing a concise and accurate translation of around 4,000 words over the course of 3-4 working days.

Snap provided us with a .txt version of the original survey in English, exported from their own

Snap Software format (sn). This meant that the resultant translated versions would be just as professional looking and retain all the original features of the English version.

Our translators were able to work directly with the .txt files, keeping the format consistent to the original and allowing Snap to import them back into their own software, hassle free.

The translations were then proof read by a second qualified translator, before being proof checked in-house and finally delivered back to Snap for their client.


The results

Quite simply, this enabled Snap’s client to fully assess the impact of their customer’s satisfaction with their products being sold in France, Germany and Sweden. This also gave them a greater insight on the impression customers may have of their products throughout Europe as a whole and gain a fuller idea of which markets to concentrate on in the future.

Our high quality translations, combined with Snap’s

powerful research software meant the translated surveys were effective, easily understood and that the results were simple to analyse in depth.

“We have been using Living Word for the translation of our questionnaires and letters for a number of years. The service is excellent, staff are friendly and efficient from start to finish.”, Snap Surveys